Workgroups: Democratize Learning

Workgroups: Democratize Learning

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Workgroups: Democratize Learning

Do you believe that sharing valuable knowledge and insights from customer meetings is crucial to harnessing the collective intelligence of team members? This knowledge sharing is also important in delivering a superlative Customer Experience as everybody views the customer’s journey similarly.

At bility™, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing and have developed a cutting-edge 'Workgroup' system to simplify the process. Our system is designed to help teams document and share insights from customer meetings, team learning sessions, and more, ensuring that your team is constantly learning and growing.

Our Workgroup system is also designed to be self-managed, with no administrative dependence. This means that teams can set learning goals, track progress, and collaborate on learning activities.

Through our Workgroup system, we empower managers and peers to take a more active role in developing the skills and knowledge of their teams. No one understands the strengths and weaknesses of a team better than those who work closely with them every day.


bility's™ 'Workgroup' system enables people to play an active role in their Teams' learning and Knowledge Sharing. This is because no one understands people better than their managers and peers. Workgroups are self-managed with no administrative dependence.

Here is how your organizations can benefit:

Improve employee performance: 

bility™ helps map functional roles to competencies and skill levels, continuously monitor skill gaps, and upskill, reskill, and certify employees through Competency-Based Learning (CBL.). This can help improve employee performance, which can positively impact your business outcomes.

Enhance employee engagement: 

By providing on-demand access to relevant learning resources and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), bility™ can help employees stay engaged and motivated. This can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Increase efficiency: 

bility's™ Smart Search feature allows users to quickly find the information they need from sources within and outside the enterprise. This can help employees save time and increase their productivity.

Foster knowledge sharing: 

bility's™ 'Workgroup' system enables people to participate in their Teams' learning and Knowledge Sharing actively. This can foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within your organization, leading to better problem-solving and innovation.

With our Workgroup system, you can empower your team members to take an active role in developing their skills and knowledge. Our self-managed system allows teams to set learning goals, track progress, and collaborate on learning activities, all with no administrative dependence. By using our system, you can unlock the full potential of your team and drive growth and success.

What’s more, our Workgroups are flexible by design. This means that while you could create groups of people within the same customer business, you could also create workgroups by Department (HR/ Marketing/ Sales) or by geographies.

Experience bility™ and unlock the full potential of your team's learning and development.